10 best natural destinations of Iran

10 best natural destinations of Iran

Iran has lots of natural tourist attractions where definitely you can spend good times. 10 of the best natural destination of Iran can be enlisted as follows:

1. Maranjab desert: Perhaps for those who come from EU countries to Iran, the most attractive geological feature to visit is a desert. Maranjab is highly recommended to visit for such people because it has a beautiful caravansary and is the nearest destination to the metropolises of Iran such as Tehran and Isfahan. Here, the nights are cold and the night sky is ornamented by millions of stars, and if you were lucky, you can see the Milky Way galaxy.


2. Martian Mountains: It is difficult for everyone to travel to Mars, but easy to visit Martian mountains in Chabahar port, Sistan-o-Baluchistan, Iran. Actually, walking there give you the sense of walking on the Mars with the same unconformity as Mars. Erosion is the main factor in formation of these mountains.


3. Cloud Forest: If you are looking for an amazing experience in jungles, The Cloud Forest is highly recommended. Above the mountain you can enjoy walking above the clouds with beautiful sceneries of forest which is accompanied by numerous springs. The cold weather in summer attract a large number of local and tourist people, especially in summer vacations.


4. Stars valey: A picturesque valley in the Qeshm Island, Hormozgan. Actually, the valley is eroded by winds, hurricanes, and water through the millions of years. people believed long times ago that the fallen stars had created a horrible valley.


5. Badab-e Surt: Badab comprised of a range of stepped travertine terrace formations, formed from a carbonate mountains. Wherever the world you are and the nature interests you, travel to Badab, Mazandaran, to visit a glorious scenery of springs and mountains.

6. Bojagh National Park: A protected district located in the Kiashahr Port, Gilan, comprised of three marshes, a delta plain and the coast line of Caspian Sea. Various types of animals and hundreds type of birds such as flamingo, swan, duck, tern, etc live in Bojagh National Park.


7. Gahar Lake: After hours of walking to reach there a spectacular view of lake will appear in front of you. A calm place for rest and adventure. The lake turns to a glacial lake in the cold months. However, to visit the Gahar Lake, the best months are May and Jun when the access rout is ornamented with anemones and fritillaries.


8. The plain of Fritillaria imperialis: Fritillaria imperialis are natively grow in the western parts of Iran. The plain of Fritillaria imperialis is where you can find plenty of these precious flower in a beautiful plain, some of which ca n be found in Khansar, Koohrang, Kurdistan, and Kermanshah. To see the beauty of the plan, it would be better to travel in spring times.


9. Masal County: Gilan has numerous natural attractions including the charming roud of Asalem to Khalkhal, Shanderman, Olasbelangah and Subatan counties. Masal county is among these beautiful tourist spots and we recommend to visit the lovely and lush mountains, plains, and forests in this area.


10. Bisheh Waterfall: are you interested in waterfall? If yes, then do not miss Bisheh waterfall, in lorestan province. The most convenient access to Bisheh waterfall is offered by train.


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