Chaharshanbeh Suri (The Wednesday Celebration)

Chaharshanbeh Suri (The Wednesday Celebration)

Chaharshanbeh Suri (The Wednesday Celebration): A celebration night with fireworks

Chaharshanbeh Suri (Wednesday Celebration) is A ceremony which is held on the eve of the last Wednesday of each Persian Calendar New Year.

The Chaharshanbeh Suri ceremony (Wednesday Celebration) is twisted with fire. Fire is traditionally known as a sign of God and so it is considered as a sacred element, especially by the Zoroastrians of Iran. They try to keep the fire alive and worship the God in front of the fires. Besides, the name of one of the Iranians calendar months, Azar, is adopted from the fire.

The Zoroastrians used to celebrate in the last days of a year. These celebrations have already inherited the Chaharshanbeh Chaharshanbeh Suri (The Wednesday Celebration)Suri (Wednesday Celebration). In the night before the last Wednesday of each year people gather together around a big fire, and celebrate the night. Beside of fireworks, people jump over the fire for 7 times and spell the quote that “My yellow is yours; your red is mine”. That means the fire takes the individual’s sickness and inconveniences, and gives them warmth and energy.