Iranian Traditional Music

Iranian Traditional Music: A music full of peace

In addition to different music genres that have been imported from the western countries, the Iranian Traditional Music, Persian Music, is playing an important role the Iranian’s life, and is considered as one of the Iranian cultural components. The traditional music is developed and improved in thousands of years, and definitely can surprise anyone who is familiar with music.

Iranian Traditional Music- Persian Music shajarian

Muhammad-Reza Shajarian and his son, Homayoun Shajaria

For about one thousand years ago various elements of the traditional music are documented, such as:

  • Gusheh: melody
  • Radif: which is a set of melodic figures (Gushehs) and is similar to Repertoar in English,
  • Dastgah: a series of various tones of the Persian Music each of which inspires a kind of passion and excitement. Some of the most important Dastgahs are Sur, Segah, Chahargah, Homayun, Mahur, Nava, Rast Panjgah

    Iranian Traditional Music- Persian Music- Keihan Kalhor

    Keihan Kalhor and his Kamanche

  • Avaz: Vocal music
  • Rhythm: this is closely tied with the Iranian poetry rhythms and is widely used for the percussions such as Tombak

The major instruments that are used for the composition of Iranian Traditional Music are Kamancheh, Tombak, Ney, Daf, Tar, Setar, Tanbur, and Santur. The traditional music is nowadays integrated by other genre of music, especially pop, which is accepted by a great number of people all around the country.


Iranian Traditional Music - Persian Music

Shahram Nazeri and his son, Hafiz Nazeri

Iranian Traditional Music- Persian Music

Hossein Alizadeh and his Tar