Persian Poetry

A piece of information about the Persian Poetry

Persian Poetry

Persian Poetry leading by Hafiz, Sadi, Nizami and Ferdowsi is one of the best in the world and is comprised of plenty of mystical poems and romance stories.

If you want to see the influence of poets on the real life, in Iran we can offer you the best of which and their influences.

Firstly, Persian Poets are more than a series of words, and verses, there are a huge number of people who memorize thousands of verses, especially those of Hafiz, Sa’adi, Nizami, Attar, Khayyam, and Molavi. People use the Divan-e Hafiz to tell them their fortune. Iranian use the poetry everywhere, especially when advising others and the influence of great poets are obviously seen in the emotions, feelings, behavior, and talking of Iranian. More importantly, this is the poets of Ferdowsi, the author of Shahnameh, which contain the ancient Iranian tales and narratives in poems, keep the Persian as a living language.

 Divan of Hafiz   Gulistan   Masnavi Manavi

Secondly, Persian Poetry contain numerous features. Meter, rhythm, and intonation are the most important features. What is more, the Persian poetry is flourished with ambiguity, symbolism, exaggeration, metaphor, simile, and so on. Thus, if you want to get familiar with the most glorious poets of world, travel to Iran. Persian Poets in the history of Persia are written in different forms, verses of which have similar meter and rhythm, such as:

  • Ghazal: A form for the poets with separation and love topics
  • Masnavi: A form suitable for long poems. Shahnameh has about 50,000 and Masnavi-e Manavi has 26,000 versus.
  • Qasida: It is mostly uses for ethical poetry or the explanation of spring, autumn, etc.
  • Qet’e: It is mostly written for sweet stories, salutation, eulogy, or advising.
  • Couplet

Finally, these poets are part of iranian’s life. particularly the Ghazals of Hafiz, are very popular as the Iranian Traditional Music lyrics. In addition, In traditional restaurants, tearooms, or coffee shops you may hear these poems with the voice of the Persian singers such as Shajarian, which makes the food absolutely pleasant in a full of peace atmosphere.

Persian Poetry-Shahnameh

Shahnameh, Written by Ferdowsi