Kashan: A city full of adventure

Kashan is a traditional city in the central part of Iran. In this area the precipitation is low and the weather is hot and dry. This makes an opportunity for people to use the soil for construction of many traditional houses and places with beautiful architecture. Accordingly, we suggest to visit the following historical places in Kashan.

Fin Garden:

One of the oldest Persian Gardens, dating back to the Safavid era (late 16th century). The garden has been extended during the Safavid and Qajar Dynasties. In addition, The garden houses the Fin Bathroom. The bathroom contains two separate bathroom. The small one which is older was used for crew and other people, but the largest that has a beautiful architecture was used by the kings and important and state authorities.

Traditional houses:

There are a number of traditional houses in Kashan. The architecture of these houses are very attractive. The stucco works and paintings are absolutely fantastic and eyeful. Some of these house are Borujerdis House, Tabatabaeis House, Abbasi Historic House, and Δ€meri House.

Jameh Mosque:

One of the oldest mosques in the Iran. According to the inscription, the minaret is built at 1074. for construction, Brick is used as the material for building the mosque. Minaret, mihrab, pool, iwan, three Shabestans and dome are the elements of the mosque. The od mihrab was replaced with a new one because it showed the wrong direction of Qibla, toward which the muslims say prayer.

Agha Bozorg Mosque and school:

The building is constructed during the Qajarieh Dynasty (in the late 18th century) and includes a theological school. The dome is built over eight enormous plinths which direct the fresh cool air to the dome in the hot weather. There is a big pool and a garden with trees that help the air to become wet. The stucco, mogharnas, tile works, wood carvings, and paintings are used in the architecture of building.

Bazaar of Kashan:

An ancient glorious and prosperous bazaar in the Kashan. The bazaar dating back to the Safavid era. Different parts of the bazaar contain shops, bathhouses, mosques caravanserais etc. The place is deemed as an important trading center in the Safavid period.

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse:

The bathhouse is an exemplary of unique bathhouses of Iran, from the architecture and decoration point of view. According to the architecture the bathhouse dating back to the Seljuk era and is expanded in the Safavid and Qajarieh era. There is a small and a big bathhouse, each of which was used in a certain day of week. The building is repaired several times, which is visible when looking at the stucco layers that shows its antiquity.