Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island: The largest island of the Persian Gulf

Qeshm is the largest Island of the Persian Gulf, and situated near the Strait of Hormuz. The islandĀ is located in a very important strategic place. This created an opportunity for investors to develop tourism spots and transform it to one of the most attractive places for visitors. Therefore, if you go to the Qeshm Island, visit the following tourist spots:

Stars Valley:

Winds, Hurricanes, and water have eroded a valley in the heart of the Qeshm Island. This erosions have created wonderful figures and shapes. People call it the Stars valley because they traditionally believe the valley is created by fallen star.

Salt Cave:

A cave in the Qeshm Island Geopark. The longest Salt Cave of the world with 6400 m length. Geologically, the salt cave is probably made in a salt dome because of low rainfall. There are lots of icicles of salt crystal hanging from the top, and a fully saturated water spring in the cave that also has industrial and medicine applications. In addition, the spring has formed some pools of salt. Therefore, when visiting this cave, bring a torch and suitable water resistance shoes with yourself.

ChahKooh Canyon:

One of the main sights of the Qeshm Island Geopark. A CAnyon with weird and unique figures and vuggy rocks, which are created by winds and hurricanes. There are three wells drilled by the past people who live there; their water is sweet and used for drinking.

Kerian Canyon:

An untouched and picturesque canyon among the mountains of Dulab, Qeshm Island. After the rainfall the large vugs of the canyon gather the water in themselves and create a beautiful scenery.

The historical Khorbas Caves:

A sign of ancient civilization of Iran perhaps dating back to the Medes period, 2600 years ago. Here the geology is tied with the human activity. Indeed, the natural caves have been masterfully changed to a temple of Mithraism followers.

Mangrove forests:

Avicennia marina are the trees that mainly grow up in marine locations. The trees here have created eyeful sceneries. The forest has made an important habitat place for migratory birds and other aquatic creatures. Besides, the visitors can enjoy a boat trip among the forest.

Hengam Island:

If you intend to take a trip to the Qeshm Island, do not loss the Hengam Island. In the Island travelers can dive to see marine turtles, dolphins, and fishes. In addition, they can visit the English port, crocodile park, etc.