The capital of Iran since 1796 by Qajar dynasty ruler …Since then, history has begun for the city under the rulers of Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties and then the Republic Islamic system. The metropolitan of Tehran can present an interesting history of Iran by visiting the following locations:

nature bridge - tabiat bridge

Golestan Palace (Roseland Palace):

tehran - iran

The Palace was used by Qajarieh dynasty, which was rebuilt in the same place of th

e former Tehran’s Citadel. The Palace includes the Marble Throne, Karim Khani Nook, Pond House, Brilliant Hall, Containers Hall, Ivory Hall, Mirror Hall, Salam Hall, Diamond Hall, Building of Windcatcher, Edifice of the Sun, Museum of Gifts, Abyaz Palace, Museum Hall, and Photographic archive. The complex contains lots of Iranian and European exquisites. The architecture style is mainly Iranian with some inspirations from European styles.


Sa’dabad Complex:tehran iran

The residence of Iran’s president, which is constructed firstly by Qajar and then is developed by Pahlavi monarchs in 300 hectares. Most of the complex are used as museums such as Mellat Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Glassware and Handicrafts, Military Museum, Museum of Treasure, ets. There are other buildings and houses in the complex, too. tehran -iran



Niavaran Palace:

Another complex in an absolutely nice weather part of the city comprised of several buildings which mainly was built in Qajar dynasty and then have been expanded to the current situation in the Pahlavi dynasty.

National Museum: 

The museum comprised of two separate complex that are The Musem Ancient Iran (1937) and the Museum of Islamic Era (1972). National Museum keeps the most valuable monuments of Iranian’s history, from Neolithic era until now, and from all around the country, some of which are the statuse of the Pathisn queen Thermusa, Elamite status of a bull, statuse of a mastiff found in Persepolis, marlik cup, and statues of Darius I, the Emperor of Achaemenid.

Malek Museum:

The museum contain a valuable collection of exquisite manuscripts and artworks, constructed by a rich man. The major collections of the museum are: a collection of paintings and miniature paintings mostly by the best Iranian painters, a collection of Iranian coins and medals, a collection of stamps, and lots of other art works of Haj Malek and his daughter, the founder of the museum.

Ferdows Garden: 

A complex which was used as summer residence by Qajar family. Nowadays the Palace is used as the Cinema Museum of Iran, and contains collections of the initial cameras and staff used in Iran, and collections of International prizes for Iranian movies, and the pictures of many Iranian actors and actresses.

ferdows garden - tehran

Iranian Imperial Crown Jewels:


One of the most amazing museums of Iran, and one of the biggest collections of the world. The museum contains collections of imperial jewels of Iran such as swords and shields, crowns, tiaras, gems, plates and other kinds of jewels, some of which date back to prehistorical era. Some of the most famous jewels are Sea of Light Diamond, The Pahlavi Crown, Coronation Necklace, The Kiani Crown, Emeald Necklace, The Noor Ol Ain Tiara, and The Naderi Throne, The Royal Mace of Iran.

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