Yazd (A city with thousand years of history)

Yazd was known as assembly center of Zoroastrians in the Sassanid era, and its name is adopted from the name of a Sasanian king, Yazdgerd I. Yazd is located in desert lands, Iran - yazd

which provide the citizens the opportunity to extensively exploit the soil in their construction and buildings, which in turn make the city one of the most prominent centers of Persian architectures that can be seen in their wind towers, mosques, yakhchals, qanats, etc. Visit Glory in the following places in Yazd:

Jame Mosque:

The mosque is firstly constructed in the 13th century and then has been reconstructed extensively in the 14th century. The mosque’s minarets are the highest in Iran. The beauty can be seen in the architecture of the grand iwan, mihrab, ceiling, interior, and arcaded courtyard, all of which are decorated with exquisit tiles, mosaics and bricks.

Jame Mosque

Amir Chakhmaq Complex:

َA historical complex comprised of a bazaar, a caravanserai, a mosque, a tekyeh, and two Ab anbar. Amir Chakhmaq has built the complex about 600 years ago to boom the trading in the city.

The Fire Temple:

A worship place of Zoroastrians built in 1934. Fire is the most sacred element for Zoroastrians and it is believed that fire brings purity and is totally associated with Iranian legends and rituals, so that the fire in the temple has been kept alive for more than 1500 years.

The fire temple

Yazd Tower of Silence:

The museum is illustrating the way people may create and use the qanats. Qanats, showing the Yazdian’s ingenuity, have beed used to supply water in a dessert area since 4000 years ago. The water flows to a water reservoir. Water reservoirs (AbAnbars) are the places used for water reserving in the Iranian antiquity usually accompanied by one or more windcatchers. These wind catchers function as pressure gradient creators cause the cool air comes in and the hot air runs out, trigger a lower temperature within the water reservoir, even under the intense sun radiations.

Dakhme Yazd

Fahraj Jameh Mosque:

The oldest constructed mosques in Iran, built about 1400 years ago in the 7th century. The architecture of mosque has some similarity to the ancient persian architecture and the simple Islamic architecture.

Fahraj Yazd Mosqetue

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